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Who is Blck Hill?

Ever since I could remember, art has been a part of my life.  Some of my earliest memories are of me picking up a pencil and drawing superheroes or animals.  From emulating comic book artists Eastman and Laird and the Ninja Turtles, to the grit of Frank Miller and his Ronin series.  I was fascinated with the strokes of a pen or pencil.  But the pages of comic books were not the only influence.  When I was still a kid, I was introduced to graffiti after watching the movie Beat Street. I knew that I would be influenced by street culture from that point on.  

As I grew older, my art changed, and it changed me.  In my teen years I did everything destructive you could imagine with whatever instrument I could get my hands on.  Striking my name up in my High School hallways and bathrooms to walls on buildings.  It was during this time, that I started to appreciate who I was and where I came from.  My Mexican culture started to become important to me, more than it ever had before.  I would read everything I could about Mexico and the Native People who I descended from.  This shaped where the direction of my art would go.  Lowriders, the Mexica, Aztlan and Arizona in particular were the biggest influences during that time...and it has carried over since.  
I grew up on the South Side of Tucson, Arizona.  The TUC...or as my O'Odham people say Cuk-Ṣon, the base of the black hill.  The city where "A" Mountain lives.  
My roots are buried here...forever important to me.  With that I introduce to you...BLCK HILL

The originator of Mexica themed hats and designs.


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